Reconstruction of over one quarter of totally-destroyed homes ongoing or about to start

As of early October, reconstruction of 1,134 homes totally destroyed during the 2014 hostilities, constituting less than ten per cent of the total caseload for this category (12,584) was reportedly underway. The reconstruction of the first totally destroyed home funded by UNRWA was completed in October. Funding for an additional 2,250 units, or a further 16 per cent of the caseload is reportedly confirmed, although the timing for the actual financial transfers and the start of work on the ground remains unclear.

Psychological support session for affected women, Gaza Strip. Photo by AISHA

War trauma of Gaza women addressed in humanitarian assistance

The Aisha Association is a Gaza women’s organization established in 2009 to empower marginalized women through providing economic empowerment and psychosocial support. The Aisha Association identified the need for psychosocial support (PSS) and mental health…

Reconstruction begins in the devastated area in Ash Shuja'iyeh of Gaza. Photo by OCHA

Update on Gaza shelter situation

Reconstruction of destroyed homes finally begins in Gaza The construction materials needed to repair the enormous damage resulting from the 2014 hostilities have been entering Gaza since October 2014 under the framework of the Gaza…

Photographer Mohammad Asad Muhaeisen sitting on rubble in Gaza

Mohammad Muhaeisen, a photographer from Gaza

My name is Mohammad Asad Muhaeisen, I am 31 years old, from Ash Shuja’iyeh neighbourhood in Gaza city. During the war last summer, I was documenting the war through my camera lens. Despite being in constant…